It’s now only possible to register in your BASE shop.

Has your number been blocked? Your calling credit and number will only be released if you register your prepaid card within 12 months of your last recharge. From 7 June onwards, this can only be done in your BASE shop, provided that you have a valid ID card. After that you’ll be able to call, text and surf again.

Registration is required for all prepaid cards, including those used in tablets, game consoles, etc.
Without registration, these devices will stop working. This may have serious consequences, for example in case of alarm systems.

Considering switching to a subscription or ordering a new SIM card?
Attention: if you have not registered your prepaid card by 6 June at 6 pm, it will not be possible to change your tariff plan or order a new card after 6 pm on that day. Your number will automatically be blocked on 7 June according to the law and you will be obliged to register in one of our BASE shops to reactivate it.

Unblock your number in your BASE shop

  • Registering in a BASE shop with the help of a BASE employee
  • Bring a valid form of ID with you
  • Permanent registration
Nearest BASE shop

Need some assistance to register your prepaid card? Our employees are at your service in the BASE shops.

Bring one of the following documents with you and we will register your data for you: your Belgian ID card, an ID card of another member state of the European Union, passport, or official document that temporarily replaces one of the mentioned stolen or lost documents.

Wat zegt de wet?

What is the

Je herlaadkaart registreren

your prepaid card